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Yanko Design

Yanko Design is an online magazine dedicated to introducing the best architecture, international design, industrial design etc. A large proportion of their focus is on sustainability and zero waste products. This was really useful considering what my major project is about.

One piece that caught my attention in particular was PriestmanGoode's sustainable in-flight meal service.

It has 'completely transformed the conventional meal tray we are so used to receiving on a flight.'

"They have used a wide range of materials for their design concepts. Each element is either partially edible, reusable, soluble, or biodegradable. They’ve ditched plastic meal trays for partially edible ones made from coffee grains and husks mixed with a lignin binder. The miscellaneous food containers that fit into the tray have been made from wheat bran. Banana leaf or algae have been combined with rice husk to create lids for side dishes like salad. Whereas a wafer has been used as a dessert lid, hence the materials symbolically reflect the food." (Mitra, S. April 2021.)

'Instead of having several pieces of single-use cutlery, the handy ‘spork’- a combination of a fork and spoon- made from coconut wood has been adopted. The usual plastic containers for milk or sauces have been abandoned in exchange for edible pods created from soluble seaweed.' (Mitra, S. April 2021. Retrieved from

What I took away from this was to not shy away from using conventional materials, if it works, it works! The whole idea behind my major project is to stop the use of plastic because it is detrimental to our Environment.

In the past ten years we have created more plastic than in the previous 100 years- and only 9% of all plastic was recycled last year, where 32% of it ended up in our oceans, killing wildlife.

I opted for paper for my design because it was home compostable and the material properties meant that it was also flatpack and allowed the user to print if off from home.

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