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Wynne & McCoy

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Stephanie Wynne and Steve McCoy are professional photographers with a plethora of work under them. Their website can be accessed here,

Primarily location photographers, they have experience in architectural, interior, landscape as well as people and portrait photography. Their ethos is responding to briefs in a creative, intelligent and analytical manner regardless of scale or budget.

I felt very interested throughout this lecture, and it is a discipline i have a lot of respect for- some people belittle the idea of pressing a few buttons on a camera, however it is as important as the product itself. It is an art form on its own.

They made a point in the lecture of how crucial it is to build on your personal portfolio, stating that it is primarily how they got to where they are. In my opinion, no matter how well thought out and how well designed the product is, the real trick is having the perfect photograph.

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