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Scott Duffey

The lecture we had on Monday 5 October was from an old boy. Scott Duffey is a former student of the University of Chester, who studied Graphic Design between 2008-2010. It was inspiring to hear from someone that had not so recently been in my footsteps as whilst you're still in an educational setting, the prospect of a graduate job is big and scary!

It was an interesting lecture because Duffey allowed us to participate in terms of where the lecture was going and what was going to be involved. He utilised the audience very well, which doesn't sound like much- but in a world of COVID lockdown -that extra bit of human interaction worked wonders.

Duffey is a Creative Director specialising in packaging- mostly food, which then led him onto being involved with a campaign for Eat Real.

Scott and Luce are the duo that is Toucan Tango- who create original artwork that is inspired by their daily activities and their love for music and bands.

Being a relatively similar field to mine, i took away a lot of useful information from this lecture. I think the main message that was put across was to not give up, and to follow your dreams.

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