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Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Mike Barclay and Ben Tawil together form Ludicology. They created the company to share their knowledge and experiences of supporting children's play and work to improve conditions for playing. Their work focuses on 3 main elements.

  1. Playing is living

  2. Cultivating the conditions for play

  3. Adopting a play centred approach

A lot of their work focuses on community based play sufficiency, with work at Chester Zoo including research and experimentation into designing for play. As you would imagine, from the subject area of the majority of their work, they are both Children's Workforce Advocates of Children's rights and voice.

It was very interesting as we were able to see how product designers can make a difference within the local area- it is a lot more thought provoking when you are able to see first hand what the issue is and how it is overcome.

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