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Lesley Gulliver

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Lesley Gulliver is the Managing Director of The Engine Room, a brand agency, made in Yorkshire. They are a multi-award winning strategic brand consultancy, making positive business impact by design.

As an area of interest of mine, i found this lecture really entertaining and informative. Gulliver spoke to us about the usefulness of brands and how crucial it is to properly represent the company within the brand.

A vast amount of history, thought, research, creativity and development has gone into a companies brand identity. no matter how big or small the brand, or how much money they have spare to put towards it. Fonts, colours and shapes create a spark in our brain that instantly creates a recognisable entity.

Take a look at the brands above. Can you tell what they are? They're obviously not the actual logo, but we instantly recognise it! Isn't that clever? This just goes to show how important colour is in marketing.

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