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Final Statement

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

As my final year draws to a close, I take a chance to look back at what has been achieved- but also what has changed, and how I have had to adapt during lockdown. Over the past academic year, I have attended many guest lectures which has given me an insight into many different career paths and disciplines. With meeting people face-to-face not being possible, it has also opened many doors to the wider world. Remotely, I have spoken to a vast amount of individuals with different backgrounds- all over the world to discuss sustainability and research into materials and manufacturing processes for my Final Major Project.

One thing that I will take away from this experience, is that my design has been thought of with the coronavirus disease in mind. I have designed food packaging that is purchased separately to the food itself- in that it will avoid cross contamination and can then be home-composted rather than binned, or not recycled. The aim is that it will be manufactured out of paper- the user will be able to print the design from home instead of relying on freight/ distribution which will add to pollution.

I am still unaware as to what will happen in the next chapter. In normal circumstances I think I would be applying for a Masters in Sustainable Product Design to explore further what I have discovered so far and to see where I can take it. However, I am a very practical-based person and with us still in lockdown due to Covid-19 I am worried it will be remote.

One thing I aim to do in the foreseeable future is to buy a panel van and convert it into an offroad (swamper) campervan- this is something that has been on my bucket list for a while. Whilst pursuing this, I will be doing something practical, whilst keeping up my skills, too. I have the majority of the tools, and I'd like to think i have the majority of the skills, too!

In the meantime, i will continue with my job as an assistant store manager and apply for graduate roles within the design industry, and when the time is right, I will delve deeper into further education within my discipline.

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