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Daniel Knox

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

The most relatable lecture of all was from Daniel Knox, a Lecturer in Product design at Wrexham Glyndwr University. Before this, he studied Product Design BA Hons at The Nottingham Trent University before working there as a lecturer, as well as a visiting lecturer at the University of Chester. In addition to this, he is a senior design engineer for Unilever where he focuses mostly on packaging design for health and beauty products.

Previously, he worked for Dyson for 3 years where he helped to design the wand part of the Cordless Vacuum Cyclone V10, of which he is a product owner. What was interesting for me as A budding product designer was how much experience it is possible to gain at such a young age. He speaks about the rigorous testing that is carried out on parts before they enter the production line and then the market.

Dyson is such a well known household brand, and it is really important that with the right persuasion and persistence, it is possible to end up designing for such a reputable company.

Knox, as you might imagine has a vast array of knowledge within the design industry, and therefore was able to give us a lot of really useful information and tools for our own work. Of most noteworthiness was to research not only the purpose of the product you are trying to create but that of analogous products and brands.

What makes yours better than theirs? What could make theirs better? What are yours/ their USPs? Take risks- chances are they'll work out in your favour. You learn from failure. Is there a need for the product? Is there a product for the need?


Patents? Customers needs? FMEA? Prototypes?

Due to the current circumstances with the Coronavirus pandemic, job seeking is not an easy task- especially as a graduate therefore it was pleasing to hear that Product Design has become more and more virtual recently. This can make a drastic effect on who you may be able to collaborate with.

To have achieved a tenth of what Knox has would be an exhilarating fulfilment.

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