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Callum peters

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Another very insightful lecture we had was from another Old Boy- who is also local to me. Although our paths had not crossed until this lecture series, he studied at a school in close proximity to mine, and we share some mutual friends, too. Following his schooling, Peters studied Graphic Design BA Hons at the University of Chester qualifying with First Class Honours.

His time at his alma mater allowed him to gain new skills and collaborate with other people which helped him develop as a creative designer and manage his time effectively by not only concentrating on his university modules but completing extra-curricular activities such as designing for the University's Christian Union.

Once graduated, Peters carried out some freelance work and eventually got a brilliant job working for the BBC! In November 2013 he began his role as a Junior UX Designer for BBC Knowledge & Learning where he carried out work with the then newly-launched BBC iWonder and worked alongside engineers, content producers and product colleagues.

Seven and a half years later, he is still employed by the British Broadcasting Corporation as a Senior UX Designer within GEL (Global Experience Language). He works with BBC UX&D designers to better their online experience. He also leads the restructuring of the GELwebsite and mentors/ manages design team members to help them develop their own skills and interests.

There are certain companies that one dreams to work for, this certainly being one of them.

I took a lot away from this lecture, the most important- to follow your dreams. Although not my direct discipline, it is most certainly a discipline i have thought about pursuing.

UI- User Interface

UX- User Experience

UX&D- User Experience & Design

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