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Adapt and Overcome

The past 18 -24 months have been without a doubt very strange and different. In February 2020 life was relatively normal. I even managed to get over to New York for a week with a bunch of mates- what an experience that was!

Little did I know that that would have been the last time I would have physically seen my friends or be on campus for a long, long time. Like everyone else however, we had to adapt and overcome. Life was no longer how we knew it, and certain things would be different for the long run.

Social distancing.


No sports or pubs!

The global pandemic meant that as a student, I had to alter the way I carried out my work. Students were working from home with lectures online. A practical course was now a virtual one. Remarkably, i actually used this to my advantage! For my Major Project, I created a selection of home compostable food storage containers. The idea is that they are only used once to avoid cross contamination and spreading germs- but when composted would grow into wild flower seeds/ grass etc. They would not be an eyesore, and they would reduce the use of single use plastics at the same time! Win win!

(I won't go into too much detail here, to find out more click on the Major Project link on the top ribbon)

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